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4 Things I have learned in my 40's


As I approach the last year in my 40's, instead of freaking out about getting old (which I still do from time to time), I started thinking about the biggest lessons I have learned in the past decade. Once you get past like 20 you start seeing life in chunks of 10 years. Each decade I have gotten not only smarter but also have gotten funnier. At least that's what my dogs tell me. They think I'm hilarious.

1. Life doesn't wait.

Life is what is happening now. Right, this minute. If you don't like what's happening now, YOU have to be the one to change it. It doesn't have to be this drop everything brand new you drastic change that happens overnight. Although sometimes it does. Most likely it only has to be a baby step in a different direction. You never know what door may open in the other direction. Life isn't as linear as we think it is. But this one will end, if there are things you want to do, do them. Find a way and think out of the box, you're the one putting limits on yourself and there is a way.

2. You have to work for what you want.

Wishing doesn't work. To only wish for something takes all the doing out of it and in order to get something you must DO something to get it. Action rules the universe. Sitting there daydreaming about a different life will not get you that life. Put in the work and you get the reward.

3. Love is the answer.

When you do anything, anything at all, do it with love. Love your people, love your things, and love your self. The best part is you get love back when you give it away. Just don't put any stipulations or expectations on that love. Give it freely and in bunches. It's the piece that shows you care. It's the special sauce.

4. Impossible is not really a word.

Improbable is a word but ANYTHING is possible. It is possible if you don't wait, work hard and do it with love. You can do anything you put your heart and mind to.

I think in my 40's I've grown the most into myself. I figured out a lot of things I didn't understand when I was younger and I've realized I'm just starting to come into myself. I'm just a baby. I've got 50 years more to kick ass.

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Apr 30, 2022

This is so true- all of it!!!!!

Leah VanHoose
Leah VanHoose
Apr 30, 2022
Replying to

Thank you!! ❤️

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