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I asked for a word.

One word to describe me.

What I got was love.

priceless. uninhibited. moonshine. sunshine. nurturing. inspiring. strong. badass. fierce. footloose. amazing. intriguing. bossy. sexy. unique. happy. diva. wonderful. awesome. hard-headed. bootylicious. Warrior. phenomenal. incredible. powerful. insane. badmamajama. family. motivational. angelic. courageous. ratio. strength. vivacious. elegant. truth. wonderful. perfect. soulful. kind. authentic. electrifying.

The words were kind. They were what I want to be. Who I hope I am. My heart is transparent and full. People see what you show them. I wear my heart on my sleeve and my emotions in my eyes. What you see is what you get with me.

Of course, I reserve a space of my own for the little girl who is unsure, gawky, and self-conscious. The girl that wanted to change the world when she grew up. I hope by being me I am doing that in my own small way.

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