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Let's Shoot

There are many reasons to do a photo shoot. It could be for social media and branding. It could be because you've put in the work and you feel good about yourself. It could be because you have a terrible self-image and you want to feel good about yourself. You could be getting married, or you could be getting divorced. You could be turning 50, 20, or 37. Whatever the reason, it is valid. So, do it. And by the way, print some out. Photo albums should not go away.

To prepare for your shoot.

  1. Book it. Set a date. Pay your deposit. Breathe. There, that wasn't so hard. Was it?

  2. Decide what you want to wear. It may be one outfit or several. Or naked, I've shot several naked ladies on the beach... Whatever it is you choose, the biggest pre-requisite is you must feel good in it. If it's too tight or feels awkward when you're wearing it, it will show in the photos. Look in the mirror with it on. Do your undergarments show through? Make you bulge in spots? Maybe you should skip the panty lines and go commando. Clothing with movement is fun in photos. A flowy dress or skirt. If wearing a bathing suit consider a flowy cover-up or a scarf. Accessories are fun too. Hats, jewelry, scarves, etc. Remove all tags.

  3. Think about where you want to shoot. Beach? Park? Wooded trail? Boudoir? Coffee shop? One of them? All of them?

  4. Please don't get sunburned the day before your shoot. I'm bad at photoshop, you're going to look like a tomato.

  5. Back to the photoshop thing. I am not a magician, I can't make you appear 20 pounds lighter and if I could, I won't. (I can teach you how and hold you accountable to losing weight if that's something you want but that's another subject for another time). I can get rid of the random tourist standing on the beach or the zit on your nose, maybe smooth those thighs a bit but that's all I'll do. Lighting and angles make for pretty pictures of the REAL you.

  6. Having your make-up professionally done is a good thing. The artist knows how to make you appear natural with your assets highlighted.

  7. Get excited! We are going to have fun. I promise. Pinky swear!


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